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Monica Toy | Toywatch (S07E29)

Мультфильмы-новинки: Ютуб для детей
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Описание материала:

Overwatch is a vibrant game set in the near future and has over 40 million players around the world! Every match is a battle with a group of unique Heroes, each one with amazing powers and skills. More on: https://blizz.ly/MonicaToyOW

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Monica Toy is a series of short videos with in 2D animation. Based on Monica and Friends traditional characters, now presented in a Toy Art version.
The stories have funny and surreal situations, focusing on an adolescent and adult audience. This series talks about universal themes and does not present characteristic dialogues, they are capsules that can we watched anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

Monica, the leader of the crew and ‘ruler of the street,’ is a little girl with a strong personality,...

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:00:38
Автор: Monica Plus