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Vicky & Johnny | Episode 99 | INTERNET LOVERS | Full Episode for Kids | 2 MIN

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Описание материала:

Spring dolls that are very curious about the opposite gender!
Delightful stories happen with diverse cast in the town of spring dolls.

★ Synopsis
Spring Town where Spring friends at puberty live.
Boxing-loving Vicky and Johnny, rich Rich, baseball boy Mickey, hip-hop girl Cory, mime girl Luka, soccer boy Uba,prudish Sugar, playful dog Poco, all-mighty man Roly-poly.
Vicky and Johnny live in Spring gym and lead wonderful daily lives filled with fun.
Sometimes in the school, sometimes in the park, sometimes in Spring gym, and sometimes in the beach, there’s plenty of fun.
Though friends in Spring can’t speak and make facial expressions, they communicate more delightfully than us only with their eyebrows and gestures.
Their own stories, similar to our lives, are told in their own world.

★ Characters
- Johnny: Johnny is the lead character and the most mischievous in the town.
- Vicky: Vicky is a vibrant girl who is more competitive than anyone else.
- Rosemary: Rosemary is the only girl who is younger than the others.
- Rich: Rich is the only son of a declassed noble family.
- Uba: Uba is a soccer-loving boy who is so naïve that he even sounds dumb.
- Mickey: Mickey is a healthy boy who is good at all sports, especially baseball.
- Roly-poly: Roly-poly is the only adult in the town.
- Poco: Poco is Vicky’s very brilliant pet dog.

Vicky & Johnny, also known as Angus & Cheryl is 2-minute non-verbal 3D animation for kids.

Hope you enjoy this short episode from TUBA! smile

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:01:49
Автор: Vicky&Johnny TUBA